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I purchased the program but couldn't sign up. I tried at the website. So I couldn't use a picture to scan the Vin and the carfax doesn't work. That could be because I had to sign in as a guest

Outstanding Tool!

One of the best auction tools ever, if not THE best! Eliminates guessing, complex math and guessing in the auction lanes. I am not sure if it will make you more money on the purchase or save you more money on the mistakes - either way you win. I strongly recommend it!

Robs Rides (used cars)

This program is the single most useful tool for fast and accurate used car purchasing. In the fast paced auction atmosphere, this powerful app has provided me with the edge over other dealers. By matching up with my specific lenders, it shows me exactly what profits I can expect and it warns me to avoid a potential loss. It has been proven effective and has paid for itself tenfold in the short time I have used it. I don't know how I ever got along without it. Thanks Bidzpin!

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